Let's work smarter with wall cladding system to achieve
the highest efficiency and competitiveness 

* Provide total wall cladding solution from interior design, production to installation in Hong Kong market.

* For export markets, we supply in term of custom order based on your interior design project case,
assorted items included other furniture & fixture system consolidated in a shipment container.

Shall we still need to keep those hard way of work
& low efficient processes on renovation project?

Let's get rid of the old way !

We offer various types of wall cladding system solution
address to your renovation project need

* Carbon crystal panel system
* Bamboo-wood fiber panel system
* Aluminum honeycomb panel system
* Aluminum extrusion fluted panel system
* Sintered stone/aluminum honeycomb panel system

Major panel types 

common characteristics: easy to operate, light weight, water proof, fire proof, green build materials,
cost and time saving process
bamboo-wood fiber panels

Bamboo-wood fiber panel

The base material is made of bamboo-wood fiber mixed resin extruded at high temperature. It is waterproof/fireproof/environmentally friendly and durable. The thickness is only 9mm. It can be directly laid on raw concrete wall. If the wall is not straight, you can fill it with foam glue or level the keel. It is quick to install and greatly reduces 80% operation time when comparing to painting or wall papering.

carbon crystal panels

Carbon crystal panel

The new high-grade decorative building material can be understood as an upgraded version of bamboo-wood fiberboard. The material is hard, durable and light. The thickness is only 8mm. It has strong processability and greatly improves engineering efficiency! Waterproof, fireproof, environmentally friendly, and zero formaldehyde, it can be used on kitchen and bathroom walls to replace tiles.

There are a variety of series including solid color, fabric, embossed, wood grain, brushed metal, mirror (can replace glass mirror), hundreds of finishing options. Widely used in various commercial and home interior design projects. 

Aluminum fluted panels

Aluminum fluted panel

The aluminum profile is extruded and has a variety of wave shapes that can diffuse and absorb indoor noise. The 2mm extra-thick material is hard and durable.

Fast assembly with snap-cuff joints improves engineering efficiency, and the materials are fireproof, waterproof and durable, especially suitable for various commercial places.

Lightweight aluminum panels are also suitable for ceiling projects, including plastic aluminum panels, punched aluminum panels, and metal flat mesh panels, all of which are customized according to the project.

honeycomb panels

Aluminum honeycomb panel

Aluminum honeycomb sandwich structure, which is a composite panel made of high-strength alloy aluminum plate coated with a decorative coating with excellent weather resistance as the surface, bottom plate and aluminum honeycomb core such as a sandwich through high temperature and high pressure.

Features: Lightweight and high rigidity, excellent waterproof/fireproof/cut-resistant durability.
Specifications: 7~40mm thickness, multi-color/wood grain and embossed grain.
Application: Decorative wall panels and ceilings of commercial buildings/public facilities.

sintered stone panel

Sintered stone panel

Sintered Stone is a popular new material in recent years. It is harder than granite and other igneous rocks, and its Mohs hardness exceeds 6 degrees, which can resist scratches. Rock slab is made of natural raw materials such as natural stone powder and felsic, and is fired by high pressure and high temperature above 1200 ℃ through special technology.
Advantages: strong fire resistance, corrosion resistance: resistant to various chemical substances, including solutions, disinfectants, etc. Combined with the honeycomb aluminum base material, it is light and convenient for engineering operations, including wall and floor laying, which greatly improves engineering efficiency and has a great advantage in cost compared with traditional stone materials. 

Bamboo-wood fiber panel & 
Carbon crystal panel are highly recommended.

Clip to fix panel in seconds, provide the fastest solution on wall panel installation, the panel not only for wall, but also for ceiling cover as well. Light weight, as thin as 5mm and  high rigidity. A great way in substitution of wall painting or wall paper.

Fast build solution save cost and time that traditional way of work by painting or wall paper couldn't comparable ! It's not only a matter of cost concern, but also consider customer health and environmental protection. 

Green build material - No harmful chemical and smell on new renovation.

Resistance to chemical solvent, scratch, impact, water & fire resistance. Easy to clean, which is much durable than paints & wall paper.

Commercial area of application

Suitable for all type of commercial area such as office building, retail shop, shopping mall, restaurant, hotel, club house, GYM & more....

Especially for those commercial area with high rental rate and they will require to refresh corporate image or quick turn renovation in a couple years of time like retail store, restaurant and hotel are typical examples that couldn't close for very long time for renewal. Our wall cladding system solution is a great way that help speeding up renovation project with time and money saving!

Residential area of application

Project examples of wall cladding system for residential interior design projects, the panel materials are water & fire proof, anti-scratches and ease of clean when stained. A green build material free of formaldehyde. Available series offer numerous combination of design pattern with wide spectrum of color and couples series of texture by fabric, wood, stone, brush metal, leather and embossed pattern from which enable us unleash the idea of interior design project.