Multi-purpose modular furniture system - Series X

Sophisticated furniture system for all application from commercial to home interior design projects.
We supply this series to enterprises and individuals in local market. 
Innovative aluminum upright post concept as key frame in corporate with series of components such as cabinets, drawers, shelving units and more exclusive components for specific application, the shelving systems provide unrivalled flexibility with the ability to modify the design at anytime in the future by adding extra shelves and components when needed. The upright post can be fixed in a choice of methods; floor to ceiling fixed, floor to wall supported or free-standing and all the components can be attached at desired combination.

First part on this video is a scenario demonstrates how it's work and examples of application on small office to home office. While the second part illustrates how it apply to home furniture design projects, highly recommended for Hong Kong market.
Excellent features-pricing ratio!

Office furniture system - Series M

 This is a simplicity series cover the total office furniture solution from the component base system at which the major components are interchangeable and adjustable, make complex to simple, include several sizes make it adaptive to various design configuration to meet every project conditions. We supply this series in term of tender project for local market, not for retail. 

Office cubical workstation system - Series C60

Classic series using modular partition system as key frame at which configured to various combination format and dimension to suitable every project need. We provide one stop solution from configuration design to meet specific need, layout planning, custom manufacture to installation for local market. Focus customer groups on enterprises, organizations, government departments, school and universities for local market in term of tender project, not for retail.

Direction of work on this topic

  • Business scope on this topic
    Office furniture system series M & C for enterprises, organizations,  government departments, school and universities. Multi-purpose furniture system series X for commercial applications and custom home furniture project for individuals.
  • Business mode
    Two options: 1) By tender project or 2) Design consultant for custom furniture projects.
  • Supply to market
    This topic we focus on Hong Kong market.
  • How to make inquiry about this topic?
    Furniture system has its' maximum flexibility from which we can create numerous choices of design configuration to meet individual case need, whereas standard furniture is not comparable, so we don't offer standard product catalogue. We only make selective offer or proposal based on every customer case. Let's first make a phone call or appointment to understand if we can help on your project case.

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