Ceiling & more fixture system

Custom design Aluminum profiles system as key frame integrated with lighting, ironmongery and joinery subjects
in term of modular architecture enable us offer sophisticated fixtures system for your projects need. 
aluminum ceiling profile system with led light
Ceiling system with animated light

Apart from energy saving & durable, LED lighting also have many advantages when integrated with control device giving auto dimming control, flashing pattern, color change animation etc. That couldn't be  achieved by conventional spot light or fluorescence light, great functions.

ceiling fixture system with lighting
Example of application

Suitable for wide range of commercial space such as function room, dance room, party room, showroom, retail shop, shopping mall, restaurants, bar and lounges ...etc.

modular mesh ceiling fixture system
Modular mesh panel system

Supporting frame by aluminum profiles system with lock channels for secured quick fixing, mesh panels hook-on and locked along the channels. While the power track or led light bar is locked on the bottom channel. 

mesh ceiling fixtures system
Example of application

Suitable for wide range of commercial area of application included but not limited to office building, shopping mall, lobby and hall, metro stations....etc.

hexagonal mesh ceiling fixture system
Hexagonal mesh panel with lighting

Free combination of mesh panel and led light panel at honeycomb pattern, giving creative solution to meet ceiling plan on different commercial applications. 

hexagonal ceiling fixture structure
Principle of structure

Fixing special design brackets on adjacent corners between honeycomb units, group it before mounting on ceiling stud system.

perforated ceiling panel
Example of application

High density Perforation metal panel has a function as acoustic effect on which absorb echo noise reflection on indoor conditions.

perforated ceiling panel with diffused light
Example of application

Fine mesh perforated panel function as a diffuser on which reduces the harsh light emission from spot light. Panels installed at different offset distance under the spot lights, giving a space depth effect.

wood texture aluminum extrusion profiles
Aluminum profiles at wood finishing

Extruded profiles finishing with excellent fidelity wood texture that looks and touch feel closest to real wood, light weight, easy to handle on installation, non-frameable, which is an ideal green build materials.

ceiling and wall decorative aluminum profiles
Example of application

Suitable for wide range of commercial interior design projects, applicable both ceiling and divider wall decoration.

laser cut graphic wall panel
Laser cut silhouette panel

Sheet metal panel with laser cut silhouette graphic pattern, custom made for interior design and architectural projects, area of applications on partition wall, slide doors system, ceiling system ... etc.

louver system by aluminum extrusion
Louvers system

Structure by aluminum extrusion profiles, fixture ranging for air condition ventilation system, sun shader, fencing etc. All custom design for building construction projects, not standard products. 

Direction of work on this topic

  • Business scope on this topic
    Main subject on ceiling and related fixture system, however, our production capacity also cover ironmongery and joinery subjects in related to building facilities, mechanical engineering and manufacture industries in term of KD PRE-FABRICATED MODULES.
  • Business mode
    Two options: 1) By tender for architectural and engineering projects or 2) Technical design consultant for custom development. We work closely with architects, interior designers and engineers, giving valuable consultation and solution plan.
  • Supply to markets
    Mainland China, Hong Kong and Export Markets.
  • How to make inquiry about this topic?
    We don't offer standard product catalogue, we only make selective offer or proposal based on every client's project case. Let's first make a phone call or appointment to understand if we can help on your project case.

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