Production of retail display fixture system since 2004

Retail shop display projects from concept creation, design and development to complicated on-site processes that always made the production cost extremely expensive and long lead-time!

To cope with the problem, we focus on generic design fixture system which is ready for immediate production as soon as the shop design layout plan has been configured, run display fixture projects with cost efficient solution.

Modular architecture enables us quickly develop display fixture solutions from our component-based system, providing unrivalled flexibility to tailor to a wide range of needs on retail display markets. Providing a unique spectrum of solutions with faster lead times to serve you better. We design solutions that balance functionality, flexibility and creativity for maximum return on investment.

Retail display shelving system - Series X

 Innovative system by aluminum upright post as key frame composition with shelving units, showcases and customized fixtures with standardized or customized dimension from which enable us to create unlimited choices of configuration to meet various kind of display projects need. Great for small to medium sizes retail shop, showroom, restaurant, bar or other commercial display purposes.

Multi-purpose display shelving system - Series H

The series can be configured to various formats and specification to suit custom display project need, provide versatile display fixture solution to retail shop, showroom, pop-up store, kiosk, exhibition booth system etc. 

A project example for an enterprise requires custom display for various types of merchandise sourcing from China. We used series H profiles system as key frame, integrated with shelving units at which the supporting bracket can be easily adjusted from horizontal to 30, 45, 60 and 90 degree to meet various types of product packaging display pattern. The system was designed to a couple of formats from standard wall mounted, wall mounted with slide frame and island gondola types giving a total display solution.

Retail wall display system - Series T100

Prefabricated modules production by topic for specific retail merchandises and in according to layout designed plan on every store. This series cover ranging of customized components from shelving unit, showcase, slim light box and any customized fixture address to specific display project need. Supply in term of quick-built modules ready for fast installation, let's build-up with the highest efficient.

Direction of work on this topic

  • Business scope on this topic
    For retail merchandise brands, retail stores and enterprises who need custom display fixtures. 
  • Business mode
    Two options: 1) By tender project, this means we follow on production of the current design you provided or 2) Design consultant, provide custom design, one stop integrated production service.
  • Supply to markets
    Export markets, Hong Kong and Mainland China.
  • How to make inquiry about this topic?
    Display fixture system has its' maximum flexibility from which we can create numerous choices of design configuration to meet every retail merchandise topic need, every retail shop will require different, so we don't offer standard product catalogue. We only make selective offer or proposal based on every customer case. Let's first make a phone call or appointment to understand if we can help on your project case.

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